Gigperformer + Midi designer

Hello guys!

Finally I have time to set my full sets and racks in GP.
Im using the Nectar Pacer (thank you everybody for the help to config that!) and Midi Designer in my iPad.
My question is, is it possible to change the pages in Midi Designer automatically when I change the rackspaces in GP? If yes, how could I do that?

Thank you in advanced! :smiley:

Does midi designer react on midi messages?
Is midi designer available as a midi device in gig performer?

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This is really a question you should first ask to the Midi Designer developers, i.e., what support do they have for remote control of their app. Once you know that you can then see how GP can produce what is needed.


Yes it reacts and it is also available as device in GP. I’m trying to figure out how to do that. Dropped a msg to MD guys… but no answer so far…

Thanks anyways. :wink:

No answer, really?
You know today is Sunday

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Well… I didn’t say that I sent the msg today… did I? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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1:0 for you


If that’s the case, then add a Midi Out block for it to your rackspace (it doesn’t need to be connected to anything).

If you open the Midi Out window, there are options to select a specific program change message to send out when you switch to the rackspace.

If you need to send control change messages, add a knob widget, then you can map it to a specific CC message - they are all separate parameters available in the Midi Out block. Any CC message and value you set up via a widget will be sent when you switch to the rackspace.

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Thank you @rank13. :+1:t2:

I gonna check that later.

Hey @rank13 I did it! it worked. needed to create another button in MD but your approach was 100% correct!
Thank you!

Im now traying to figure out how to receive and update the status in the iPad… if a move any knob or press any button in GP it doesn’t reflect in the iPad - only the other way (that is already good!)

Thank you one more time,