Gigperformer for doubling bassist

Todays office.
Usung gig performer at a doubling gig, playing acoustic bass (pickup plus mic) and electric bass with the Royal Norwegian Navy band.

Rme ucx interface, 3 lines in, 3 lines out to pa.

Switching between the instruments and rackspaces with a nectar pacer controller.

This is eveeything i have dreamt of as a doubler. Now i would like to switch out my second-hand bought powered speaker (an alto 15" with a slight rattle at certain frequencies, any recommendations for a bass player very welcome)

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This might sound a little over-the-top as a replacement for a powered speaker, but I would suggest you take a look the Fender Rumble 200 combo. I think it would offer you a lot of flexibility. The I/O on the Rumble has plenty of options to choose from, depending on how you are feeding audio to your speaker (level and EQ’d or not) and how you are using it (for the audience or as a stage monitor for yourself).

The 200 combo has a 15" driver and sounds fantastic. I owned one in the U.S. for years, but had to sell it when I moved to France (not switchable to 230VAC). It can also drive a second speaker cab (a Rumble 210 (same form factor) or a Rumble 115 (slightly wider)) if you need to move more air.

Some links for you to review:

Fender’s Rumble 200 combo web page

This is an excellent subforum on TalkBass with almost 3000 pages. It was started in 2013 with the v1 Rumbles. We call the current Rumble amps and speaker cabs v3.

Fender Rumble Club on

The latest post (as of 07h30 this morning in France) quotes a post of mine and was written by JakobT from Oslo. He posts quite often and can be a good source of Rumble info for you from a fellow Norwegian.

Most recent post in the Fender Rumble Club subforum

The club maintains a very large WIKI for Rumbles. Tons of useful info.

Fender Rumble Club WIKI

I suggest creating an account on TalkBass and posting to the Rumble Club subforum, with details on your requirements and current audio routing. Members are very helpful and very responsive. Once you’ve set up an account (free), you can also send a PM to JakobT and connect directly with him.

There are lots of more expensive options, but why spend the money if you don’t need to? I think a combo amp will give you a lot more flexibility than a powered speaker.

Thanks for your reply, the Fender Rumble amps are great, but I dont think a bass amp which is voiced for bass guitar is what i am after, as i am running amp and cab sim vst’s. The powered speaker has the right kind of sound, im just in the marked for something more professional level speaker than the second hand cheaper variant i have now. (I bought it as a temporary solution to get my feet wet)

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Understood. But it might still be worth trying a direct audio connection to the FX Return input and using the 200c as a powered speaker. You might be surprised at how well it works in your scenario. You could hook up with JakobT and maybe try it with his Rumble. Can’t remember which Rumble he has.

I now have a Studio 40. I can either connect via the instrument input and use its modelling or into the FX Return from my audio interface when I use GP with one of the many bass amp sims I have licenses for.

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