GigPerformer Crashing in Set List on Song Change

I am looking for help. When changing songs between two songs in Set List GigPerformer crashes. But when changing between the same songs in Rackspace, there is no crash. Not sure what I should be looking for to correct the problem? Thought? Quick video showing this…

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Are you sending out any midi messages when you change songs (e.g. in the Song properties or song part properties).

Are you able to disable predictive loading and see if that makes any difference?

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Do you run short in memory?

No midi messages are being sent out on song changes. I was running predictive loading. I just turned of predictive loading, it seemed to work it way from one song to the next without crashing. I did, however, arrange my Rackspace to match the song order in Set List. As of now it’s not crashing. I have practice tomorrow and if this changes I will let you know. I thought predictive loading was to help. Maybe I don’t understand predictive loading. I had it set to only 3 songs.

I am running a Mac Studio with a 1TB hard drive and 64 GB of RAM. I have a 4 TB external hard drive for all of my sample libraries.

Yes, that would be my first troubleshooting tip - to turn off the Predictive Loading and see if that helps.
Some “sensitive” plugins (poorly implemented?) don’t like querying them and their states so they simply crash the host…

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