GigPerformer 3.7.1 Crashes and then gets stuck in Task Manager when restarting

I suspect a plug in is causing my GigPerformer 3.7.1 to crash, as when I click on the ‘offending’ rackspace, that is when the crash occurs. I suspect a plug-in is causing it, but I don’t know which one. I can#'t see anything in the crash report to tell me.
When I restart GigPerformer, nothing happens, but I can see the exe file in Task Manager. However, I cannot End the process and have to restart my PC.
Any help or advice appreciated.

Hi @nealesj, it could be a good start to post your crash report.

I used Taskkill to force quit in the end. I think it was linked to my other issue of the Roland Sound Capture interface. Plus a dodgy plugin in one of my rack spaces didn’t help.

I killed the exe, the rebuilt my set via importing rack spaces again, and rebuilt the troublesome rack space.

A frustrating couple of hours but all seems to be well.

Tip: always export rack spaces as a backup!

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Great if you could solve your problem. :wink: