Gig Performer won't launch


I had a crash while I was in the Audio page
I rebooted computer.
Gig Performer will not launch at all.
Stuck now.


After second reboot and the time passing to type the above message. Tried again an it launched.
Maybe a false alarm… but I will update if happens again.


Today I had a similar issue on Mac.
It was not the fault of Gig Performer.
Somehow the network was visible for Gig Performer, but it was not really working.


What does network have to do with launching Gig Performer?


I think that maybe some plugins want to check for new updates.
Did you enable in the preferences that Gig performer should check for new updates?


Yes, that reminds me… I probably should leave that off and just check manually. I don’t want any updates installing the day before a gig.