Gig Performer recording in Reaper - HELP!

Hello all.
I am having difficulty recording the output of GP4 in Reaper.

My Audio Interface is the XR-18 which it can record into Reaper without any issues.

I have installed the ReaRoute as suggested but I am really struggling to have any sound from GP4 reaching Reaper. Can someone please help me with this in step by step? Or even better with a video tutorial.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Justfornow, welcome to the family.

You do not need any additional software to record the output of GP4 if you’re using XR-18 as you can route any output channel to any other input channel with the XR-18 and then you can simply record that with anything - including another instance of GP

There is a lot of documentation about how to do this in XR-18. Here’s one example:


Thanks so much for your reply!
I am happy to report that your suggestion did work and that I can now record GP4 output in Reaper.