Gig Performer OSC template files?

Can someone point me to any Gig Performer and OSC template files (TouchOSC and/or Lemur) so I can see the inner workings?

Thanks, Jeff

use this:

Is there a Gig Performer file template that is set up to go with the Lemur file? I’m not sure how to get the associations going in the GP file. Thanks

The Lemur template expects names

Knob1, Knob2, … Knob10

Slider1, Slider2, … Slider10

Button1, Button2, … Button10

If you assign those names to knobs, sliders or buttons respectively, they will show up on your tablet.

I missed the GP OSC Setup step. Working now.

In the Mixer Tab - Slider9 is not working for no obvious reason. Also the Song and Song Part commands are changing things but not as expected. Thanks

Yes, there is a bizarre bug in the script that I think is actually a Lemur bug that causes slider9 to not work. I have tried a few times to try and debug this with no luck. At one point I discovered that if I temporarily changed the OSC message in the Lemur editor for that slider to something else, save and then set it back, it seemed to work until you restart and then it fails again.

I have been unable to get anyone at Lemur (iiline) to help with this

I’m not aware of any issues with those. What are you seeing?

It seems to be OK now, but initially it would skip over Song 2 (I have Song 1, Song 2, Song 3 for testing).

In the Song Parts - When in INTRO and press VERSE, it would go to VERSE then quickly jump to CHORUS.

Hmm, not sure how that could happen. Can you reproduce this?

I’ll try to reproduce tonight.