Gig Performer on Mojave


We haven’t tested Gig Performer directly on Mojave but I’m seeing feedback on other forums from users who have tested that combination and are reporting that GP works fine.

However, apparently there are still quite a few plugins that have problems on Mojave (nothing to do with Gig Performer, the problems occur no matter what DAW or host is being used) so if your work depends on it, you may not want to upgrade to Mojave until you have confirmed that the plugins you use are known to work on Mojave properly.


Are there any updates on this, has anyone updated with no problems?
I am still resisting the update to Mojave until I’m sure it’s going to present no major problems.


All fine here for a couple of months now, some plugins were updated (Soundtoys and others by now)


Thanks for the reply.


I’ve had general grief with Mojave (not specifically with GP but things like slow typing response on hires displays) and for now I’m staying in 10.12


I wrote an E-Mail to Tim Cook because of USB Audio Issues.
A support employee contacted me for a telephone call.
Never heard again…

By the way, no issue with plugins or Gig Performer on Mojave.
I am using Waves, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, Slate Digital, Pianoteq, Melda


I made the update to Mojave and am regretting it at the moment. I haven’t had time to test all my plug-ins but none of my IK Multimedia stuff will run either in standalone or plug-in mode. It’s interesting that you have no problems with the IK stuff, I have been in touch with their support who are supposedly looking into it but I’ve heard nothing for almost a week now after the initial responses, let’s hope they find the solution. I am really missing Sampletank 3 and Modo Bass.


What version of IK Multimedia do you have installed?
AU / VST version?
I am using TrackS 5

I am using Modo Bass also - no issue.


They are all up to date apart from Miroslav which is Version 1 and I’m waiting for Sampletank 4. Funny thing is that Custom Shop Runs perfectly well.


Can you try in a different host, maybe logic?


I haven’t but can’t see it will be any different as the Standalone versions will not run.


Ah, I understand, I am using only the plugin versions