Gig Performer on ARM based Windows system

Here we are.
The future of mobile processors might be started these days with the new Surface Pro.
The issue is that 64-bit software couldn’t be compatible for now. Is it right? If I bought a Surface Pro X with ARM SQ1 processor, would Gig Performer run? Same with standalone plugins and DAWs?

Unfortunately, as you noted, Surface Pro X is using the new ARM processor from Microsoft and while it can run standard x86 applications in 32bit mode - it cannot run the 64bit applications.
Gig Performer is a 64bit application only. While we could, in theory, provide a 32bit version - it would run under emulation on this device which would most likely not be good enough for real time audio.

For now - the simple answer is that GP is not going to run on this ARM device, but that situation may change at some point. If it does - we’ll let you know.

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