Gig Performer launches with global transposition set at -2


Whenever I launch Gig Performer, the transposition is set at -2. It’s annoying because I have to remember to set it to 0 when I start working. Any idea as to why this is happening?


Maybe you Mapped a Widget


The global transpose or the transpose within a midi input block or transpose within a song part?

In general - these should all start at 0 if you load GP without your last used GIG file (hold down the SHIFT key).

The global transpose is NOT remembered so something is setting it. OSC/GP Script/Song Part etc…


So, the only thing I can see is that the first song in my list is transposed -2. But, when I launch my gig in performance (rackspace, not song) view, the transposition is -2 as well.


Ah yes. Switching between setlist view and the rackspace view will not reset the transpose so if your first song is transposed it will start at that value.

Thanks for reporting this. We need to think a bit about how to handle this because one can use the songs for ChordPro files and switch between songs even in non setlist view in which case it is not clear if one want the transpose or not.

In any case - now that you know what the issue is - you can deal with it and we will write this behaviour down and see if it can be improved.

Thank you.

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Thanks for letting me know.