Gig Performer crashes in the new 4.1.5 update

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been running Gig Performer since version 3 on a 2015 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM. Before this new update, I have been using Gig Performer with no issues on Big Sur. After the 4.1.5 update, Gig Performer is now crashing multiple times (and it has never done that to me before). Plus the overall performance doesn’t seem to be as stable right now. Is there any way to correct this through a update? Thanks!

Do you have a crash report?
When does it crash?
Can you reproduce at will?

Did you load your v3 gig file and save it as a new one?
When you first loaded a V3 Gig File, did any messages pop up?

As it is identical, I deleted the other topic you started with the same subject.

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure which place was best to place this topic. I do not have a crash report to upload at the moment. I will upload a snapshot of a crash report. My apologies for not thinking of that. Regarding the gig file, it was created in v4 and saved as a new one but that still produced the crash. I’ve been running version 4 since it’s release with no issues. It’s been rock solid.

Did you upgrade from a previous version of GP4 or directly from GP3?

Yes, that will be the first thing we need to see.

I upgraded from a previous version of GP4.

To give additional details, it crashed 3 times at rehearsal after upgrading. It was set up on load last gig file which I have used with no problems. I didn’t save those reports (wasn’t thinking). I was just wanting Gig Performer to work. After that evening it crashed 2 other times. However I cannot reproduce the crash at will.

Are you using WiFi?

No. I turn WiFi before playing.

Sorry. I turn WiFi off before playing.

Are you using NI stuff?

I do use The Giant by NI and Omnisphere by Spectrasonics. I also use Reason’s Rack. Those are my primary sound sources.

Check out this article and try to find the corresponding usage tracking option in your NI stuff.

When you turn it off, test your setup.

I went into NI and the usage tracking option is already turned off. I also opened up The Giant to see if I could find that option screen but it does not have that option.

I have opened up Gig Performer since I’ve begun this discussion with you all and it is behaving right now of course. I do not have my Nektar T6 controller hooked up to it to actually play as I’m at work but that controller has not given me any issues. Maybe it was a fluke from initially upgrading to 4.1.5? However, I will definitely send a crash report if it happens again. Hopefully it will not though.

Actually, we are kind of hoping that it will crash again and you will get us the crash report so we can figure out what’s going on :slight_smile:

You may be able to fid your crash reports though. Do the following:

  1. Open the (it is located under /Applications/Utilities)
  1. If you are on BigSure - you should see a “Crash Reports” section.
  2. Click on it and try to find your latest crash log and export it (share it) into a text file we can see here.


Hello! So sorry for the delay. I followed the directions and went to the and found nothing. I was wondering why but then I remembered I run a utility program every morning that cleans out logs and other system files that tend to accumulate and slow the system down. Sorry about :frowning:

Last night I played at a coffee shop using 4.1.5 and it didn’t crash once. If it happens to crash again, I’ll know to immediately take a screen shot and/or export the report to text so I can post it here.

Thank you for your willingness to help me out. I will certainly post any other crashes here.

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