Gig Performer Audio Buffer size turns Red and GP crashes if I try to change it

For some reason Gig Performer lately is defaulting to 48,000 and a Audio buffer size of 512 and it will not let me change it.
other audio apps like Dorico 3 will allow me to change this setting so I don’t know whats changed or what to do to troubleshoot the issue in Gig Performer 3.8.0 on my 2019 Macpro running Catalina 10.15.6.
My Mac has 64GB of ram and 8TB of storage space and there does not appear to be a resource issue.

Please advise
Thank You

Curt Foster

Which audio interface do you use?

I am on Mac and do the same, but no crash.
What Audio interface are you using?
Does it happen when you are using the inbuilt audio?

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Could you please explain this a bit further… what does it mean that it will not let you change it? Are the controls disabled? In your title, you say that the audio buffer size turns red? Could you please post a screenshot of that?

Did something change on this computer? Did you recently upgrade it to Catalina or is this a new setup?

I have the original AntelopeAudio Zentour connected via a Thunderbolt 2 to a 3 adapter.
32 channels.
I am unable to change over to the MacBook Pro Speakers or and other choice on the list. Anything I try to change from Options /Audio I/O results in Gigperformer crashing and then when I reopen and look at the audio settings it still shows Audio buffer size size: 512 samples (10.7ms)

OK, lets try this:
Disconnect your Audio Interface and restart Gig Performer.
Then try to change the Sample Rate and Buffer Size.

I am unable to add embedded.png screen shots via the forumcouple of screen shots,

My 2019 MACPro had Catalina when I purchased it however it has updated a few times since.
Is there steps to do a clean uninstall of GP so that I will get the prompts to allow OS permissions on reinstall?
I closed Gig Performer, disconnected and powered off the audio interface and reconnected.
Same result when attempting to change anything from Audio I/O

My most recent plugin purchases are the latest 2020 Band in a Box from PG music.
Melda Super Looper although neither fo these have I added to GP

What is odd is my .gig file is not that large or complicated to be having this issue with it. It used to allow me to all the way down to an Audio buffer size 0f 32.

Should I just send you pictures of my setup from email instead of this forum?

I sent you a private message

Just sent you both pics of my setup.

Are you able to reduce the number of Audio Ins and Outs without changing Buffer Size or Sample Rate?

Does the crash occur without a gig loaded?

Can you send the crash report?

How does your audio options window look?

It will let only me change Audio I/O settings and reduce my ports and save successfully with a test file that created last night.
When I reopen my regular .gig file the settings revert to 48000 < > 512 and all ports selected.

Is it odd that I can’t access my gig file from Documents? I have to always save them to the downloads folder to make updates to them.

How do I obtain a GP crash report? I only to the Mac one after if crashes.

Normally a crash window should appear after some time.
Or when you start the next time Gig Performer you should be prompted to send a crash report.
Strange that you get nothing automatically.

Maybe that helps:

By the way: Are you using multiple users on your Mac?

Just checked again and reducing the number of ports on the test file did carry over to my original .gig file and the audio buffer size which is now 16. Interesting.
The crash issue when I try to change anything under Audio I/O settings remains thoughtcrimes and I just tried going from 16 to 128 but after the crash when I reopened my .gig file it still shows the 16 instead of 128.
So I guess I could make Audio I/O changes from a Test file and maybe get by.

The Mac crash window always comes up after the GP crash but as I am a fairly new MAC user I am not sure how to convert that window into something I can email you.
Please advise.

Ok, in the crash window click with the mouse on a line
Then press CMD-A
Send press CMD-C
Open Text-Edit and Presse CMD-V
Then save this file and you can send it.

3 different local accounts.
One of them is an admin account and the other two including my Music one are no admin.
I’ll try creating a new test account per your link above.

Can you give the user you are using for Gig Performer Admin rights?