Gig performer Apple Mac M1 memory issues

Hello there,
Here are screenshots of my gig performer app taking all the memory even before I load any rack space or file in the project.
Has anyone experienced this before?
I have an M1 Apple MacBook Pro with 16gb memory.

Any ideas?



Are you sure you are running the M1 version?
And what exact version are you using?

Mac OS big sur 10.11.6
Gig performer 4.1.5

Are you running GP under Rosetta or Native Apple Silicon?

Tried both and it’s the same results.

The first screenshot is showing 2Gb of RAM used. Isn’t that what your computer is showing you GP is using on startp? Even that is actually about 4x what it should be normally using when you start it empty.
The second screenshot is showing that you are already loading something into it - some plugins right?

No the 2nd screenshots has nothing loaded on GP4 either, it just keeps going up even without nothing loaded in GP4.
So weird and random.
Apple claims it’s a GP4 issue.

Well, there’s a surprise! (sigh)

Meanwhile, we have numerous users running GP on the M1 with no issue — there’s something else different about your environment that needs to be figured out.

@kwamstar - the only thing that would be running in GP if you’re not loading anything is your device driver.
Which audio device are you using?

Please try to go to “Audio Options” in GP and select the internal inputs and outputs. See if that changes the istuation. Your device driver may be leaking memory or not work properly under rosetta.
Have you checked with the manufacturer if they support the M1

We have many users running GP under M1 and we ourself, of course, have been testing it under the M1. This has never been seen so the only difference would really be your audio interface.

I guess so, not sure why GP4 is eating all that ram on my Mac.

I have tried 3 different audio interfaces but still the same, I am gonna try another one again in a minute.

I explicitly asked you which one have you tried and to try the internal audio devices without an interface.
Could you please try that and provide the information on the other ones you tried. Thanks.

Yes I have tried the internal audio interface as well as my caldigit,
I have tried it with my antelope, zen tour, iconnectivity, Korg Kronos.

Would it be possible for you to record a small video showing your activity monitor on the memory tab, then starting GP so we can see when and how long it takes to use up that much memory.

Yeah will do it right away.will record with my phone.

Processing: 65576046916__966CB5D4-CD97-4022-86BA-EC2B45F51944.MOV…

I hope the video recording worked

Doesn’t look like it did. Just says processing. Do you maybe have a cloud service like google drive or dropbox that you can upload to quickly and send us a link?

What are those midi messages coming in constantly?