Gig performer 4 and crackles

Hello there,
I’ve recently purchased a new 2020 MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 with 16gb ram using antelope zen tour interface, to my surprise I am experiencing a lot of crackle when I play software instruments, I’ve tried changing audio buffer size high and low but still experiencing these crackle sounds.
HAs anyone experienced this before?
I need help as I am using this rig live.



Did you check if the sample rates match? This is typically a problem I get when using Voicemeeter software on my PC. I have very little experience with this on Mac however.


Yes I did.

I am using same computer with two audio boards: an old Native Kontrol Audio 6 and a new Audient Evo8.
I never have problems.
Recently I decreased buffers with Evo8 arriving to 2 ms latency and I hear no crackles.
So, I would try to see if you can check your audio board, also if it is a classy one.
Can you test your system with another audio board?

Specifically what plugins? too many voices? too many notes played?

i would focus on your audio interface and would suggest to surf the web,
to see if others have also problems on the M1mac, or not.

I use an M1mac myself, plus a presonus Quantum2626 TB3 audio interface.
Despite the fact that it is VERY fast, have i nevertheless also crackles. ( not too many but regularly) with patches and settings that should not be anything problematic.
when i go to 96khz samplerate do i have many crackles. ( same: with patches that should not be anything problematic)

just to give a perspective, that it could very well be a “audio interface vs. M1mac” thing.
That seems to be a thematic, still.

every instrument does it but only in gig performer.

What other programs are you using? Note that DAWs are different from live performance hosts since they don’t have to be completely real-time.

Also, you don’t mention how you defined your rackspaces…for example, if you put all your plugins into a single rackspace, you will most certainly have issues.


and look at my post above, post 6:

ok, i was wrong with my answer, apologies.
I use in the meantime also Ableton Live, and had some go´s with studio One.
I have the clackles also only with GP4.

Seems there is something that would need to have further investigation.

has your yours vanished, or is it still there ?

Thanks DHJ,
Gig performer is the only software I am having that issue with now.
it seems to be taking a lot of memory making my Mac run out of memory.

You replied to me but you did not answer my question.

“Also, you don’t mention how you defined your rackspaces…for example, if you put all your plugins into a single rackspace, you will most certainly have issues”

I’m not very good at guessing what somebody else’s system looks like :slight_smile:

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Sorry, the crackle is still there but realised it’s caused by gigperformer taking a lot of memory and maxing out the memory.

Frustrating cos I have this new M1 computer which is meant to be very powerful.

Again - you are not answering my questions – can’t help you if we don’t know what’s going on.

How have you defined your rackspaces? What plugins are you using? How many? Are they native or Intel plugins? How much RAM do you have? Are you running other applications as well? How do you know that GP is maxing out the memory? Are you running Gig Performer under Rosetta?

The M1 is indeed powerful in terms of speed but your plugins and applications still need RAM and that hasn’t changed between Intel and M1.

Thanks for you information.

I never saw Gig Performer using this huge amount of memory yours is using.
What is the difference between the 1st and the 2nd screenshot?
What plugins are you using?
What sample library are you using?

The 2nd screenshot has omnisphere too.