Gig Performer 2.5.2 crashes, can't restart


I have no particular triggers in mind… still a disconcerting number of random events seem to cause GP to crash. Most recent was trying to load in .ins file into Selector to try to get Bank/Patch list functionality into GP with hardware synths. As always so far, after the GP crash the program persists in Task Manager and does not respond to End process. Resetting the audio interface seems to help, and I know this was an issue that came up in Forte years ago. At this point, the fastest way to regain access to the system is to reboot… This will be a significant problem when performing live and will delay my move from Forte.


Selector: Is that Abletunes Selektor or is that a total different thing?
Can you attach screenshots what you do in GigPerformer?


I found the correct one :wink:
Sorry I cannot help you, I am on Mac.


Do you get crashes with every plugin or just with this “selector”? If the latter, what’s the full name and manufacturer of the plugin. Is it a 64-bit plugin or are you using a bridge?


What are you trying to achieve with INS files?

I know the Selector you mean and I could not get it to work in GP. The problem, in my opinion, is that its not well written (or maybe more accurately written for a specific way of working) and its not a GP issue. No matter how hard I tried, and I did try, I could find no solution to the problem.

However, I do have a solution for INS files (WIndows only) which I have been playing with for about 3 months and it does seem to work reliably. It uses the free Reaper ReaControlMidi VST ( the free version only seems to be available in WIndows - although I think Reaper works on Macs - so maybe they have not got around to making a standalone version available for Macs).

Anyway - again ‘out of the box’ it sort of works within GP - although there are issues around retriggering when you re-select the rack. Again, I feel this is not a GP issue - and I feel this is because of the way it is designed to work within Reaper. Anyway - with a bit of scripting I have it working reliably - and with trivial modification my script supports up to 16 channels of midi as I wanted to use the solution with a multi-channel hardware expander. The other benefit is that is that ReaControlMidi also supports up to 5 user selectable midi control change values (or none) - each of which can be widgitized - which is very useful for selecting volume levels etc after changing a patch. ReaControlMidi also allows you to send an optional one off System Exclusive stream - although its of no use to me and I have left it alone.



I wonder if the Selector VST has been concocted by an enthusiast. It didn’t crash GP when I used it - but it did not work reliably - in the sense that it was hard to get it do sensible things…



Might want to reach out to the developer — these days, if GP crashes with a plugin, it is far more likely than not that it is the plugin that is bringing down GP. It may be that the plugin doesn’t implement some functionality that it’s supposed to have (and maybe Forte didn’t care) but GP needs it.


Selector was just an example. Perhaps a clearer statement of the problem is that I can’t recover from a crash quickly without a reboot. Selector worked on a subsequent try and even changed patches on the two keyboards I use at home for test and debug.
I just encountered another permutation of the problem when I started GP without turning on the audio interface. It offered Quit/Continue, but choosing Quit left the splash screen up in front of everything eelse and GP was unkillable, both using Task Manager and when Windows recognized it as not responding and offered to end the program. Eventually, it did go away, but waiting for 3-5 minutes on stage to restart GP would be highly undesirable.

On the topic of Selector, I agree that it is rather crude and the lack of updates does not inspire confidence. I would rather see GP include a way to control hardware synth patch selection natively without getting into Bank/Program numbers.


I looked into Selector just now. It is by Vague Software. What a name by the way! The developer’s website shows nothing but some kind of skateboards for sale. More than vague, I will say. Anyway, it loaded a couple of ins files just fine, but it could not load one particular ins file and it would just crash every time. The same way in other DAWs.

GP has been the most stable Windows app that I have ever used. I often say that GP makes my Windows machine act like a Mac. I have a Macbook Pro, which just collects dust. On top of that, I can switch rackspaces just by touching my Windows hybrid screen.


GP not quitting properly when you asked it to quit due to no audio is interface is something we need to reproduce and fix, I had not heard that issue before. Can you reproduce the problem consistently?

The plugin issue is different…if a plugin crashes, and has locked some resources (which is what it sounds like this Selector is doing and thereby preventing GP from closing), there’s nothing we can do about it other than suggest you try running it in a separate process space using something like jbridge, for example.


Yes, I as far as I know I can reproduce the no audio interface problem every time. Do you want me to collect logs or … ?

Agreed about the plugin. It was a red herring, just the first time loading corresponded to the most recent crash I encountered where only a reboot or a long wait would allow me to restart GP. At this point, a spreadsheet and MIDI PC values are preferable to anything that compromises stability.

I’m looking forward to the same experience olive describes once I get a functional, stable setup. Thanks!