Gig Performer 2.0.18 Officially Released

Gig Performer 2.0.18 is now available for download.


Gigs and workflow

  • Improved rackspace switching time even further
  • Implemented ability to export and import the entire Rig Manager setup to/from file
  • Front panels can now be saved as templates.
  • While dragging a rackspace to reposition it - the rackspace list will properly scroll up or down now.
  • MIDI Out LED indicator now flash when events are sent using GPScript
  • Added /GetCurrentBPM and /CurrentGlobalTranspose messages to OSC
  • MidiOut blocks can now optionally pass through program change messages coming from earlier plugins or from GP Script

GP Script

  • Added ability to hold down ALT key on startup to prevent the script from running
  • Added elsif clause to GPScript IF statement
  • Added Select - Do statement to GPScript
  • Added "in" operator to GPScript
  • Added "Panic" function to GPScript
  • Added function to get current amplitude of a function generator
  • OnActivate in GPScript is now properly called when predictive loading is used (after all plugins have been loaded)
  • Changed precedence of boolean comparators in GPScript so we can now write if a>b and c> d then ... without parentheses
  • Improved the callback runtime scheduler
  • Fixed template for On Activate
  • Please see for the latest list of system functions
  • A draft introduction to the GP Script language is now available at


  • Fixed a problem where 1.x gigs containing widgets were losing their OSC handles
  • Fixed a bug where OSC server could get shut down on startup.
  • Fixed a bug where a globally assigned MIDI control would block all such messages, even from devices not associated with the global assignment
  • Fixed a bug where GP could crash if one tried to open a plugin window using the GPScript functions
  • Fixed a problem where MIDI Out devices were not enabled as soon as they were plugged in.
  • Fixed bug where CC messages assigned to MDI Out block would be sent out twice on rackspace change
  • Fixed duplicate / irrelevant OSC messages that were being sent on loading or switching a rackspace.
  • Fixed bug where recorder would not work if the audio interface had channels with unusual names.
  • Fixed a problem with parameter state saving in MidiOut blocks