Getting GigPerformer Audio into Ableton Live


In my home studio I want to record the audio out of GigPerformer into an Ableton Live track. My environment is Windows 10 and RME Fireface 800 with Total Mix. Total Mix is telling me that the audio out of GigPerformer does not send to a FireFace 800 audio input and therefore Ableton won’t recognize GigPerformer’s audio as a valid input signal. Can someone point me in the right direction to solve this problem?


You could do something like this.

On your Audio interface connect ADAT1 out physically with ADAT2 in.
Then you send audio from GigPerformer to ADAT1 out and in Ableton Live you enable ADAT2 in.

Should work.


Yep, that is exactly want I need to do. The big question is How Do I do that? Do I use the RME Matrix view? Maybe someone can post a video of doing this. it would be a big help :slight_smile:


You did already connect the physical ADAT 1 out and ADAT 2 in with a optical cable?


I think that with this trick RME Matrix is not necessary.


Maybe this helps also:


This is also helpful:

Route the mic input (Mic 9) and software output (TotalMix middle row, Out 1 & 2) to any unused output channel, then turn on Loopback on the output. Record the corresponding input channel. So if you use output 3 & 4 for the loopback, record input 3 & 4.


And some tutorials: … al-Videos/


This is the correct link:


Curious as to the workflow you’re trying to accomplish here. Are you trying to record what you play using Gig Performer into tracks in Ableton to build a song or are you trying to do something live?
If you’re just wanting to record stuff you play in Gig Performer, you could also use the free MRecorder plugin to record what you play into wave audio files on disk and then drag those files onto tracks in Ableton. No need to route audio directly from Gig Performer into Ableton at all in that case.


This is great. Your loopback method did the trick … much abliged :slight_smile: