Geoshread with iPad gp and swam

Anyone using geoshread control on iPad, I can’t get it to talk with GP, perhaps I need other software?

What did you do to try and get it to talk to GP? I have no idea what geoshread is.

It’s a control surface on iPad

I thought I could just plug iPad via usb into pc but thinking got to have some sort of adapter or more software

I have connected the “korg plug key” with my Ipad (midi out from my Keyboard) and use Geoshred in a rehearsal. It sounds very good, but I haven’t tried it live, I fear that the connection is unstable.

I can get mid in from keyboard to iPad
but not midi from iPad to pc windows to GP

How are your devices connected?

Maybe that helps

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iPad using lightning cable to usb input on powered hub ,
powered hub to pc
and powered hub to rme interface.
GP and Windows does not show any midi input.
I want to use a wired connection from iPad to hub.
Think may have use osc to communicate

You might need something like MIDIMUX (I think) or rtpMIDI

Did you take a look at the link I posted?

By the way: Geoshhred itself can act as an instrument.
What is you discrete use case with Geoshread:
Do you want do play sounds with that, was is the role of GP?
or do you want just send Midi Messages to GP?

I want to send midi to play swam instruments

Does rpt Work with usb cable?

How are you connecting your iPad as a MIDI device to your computer? A simple USB cable will not work.

You have to follow the instructions @pianopaul posted. Install the rtpMIDI driver, iTunes etc… Then configure your network …

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I connect my iPad to my PC via USB using midimux 2.1.1 on the iPad and studiomux310.0.0.0 on the PC. It’s a little confusing figuring it out sometimes, but when it works it works. The trick is figuring out what to start first…when & where. Usually I start studiomux on the PC. Then, on the iPad, I have to first start MIDI Designer Pro 2 (which is my controller) and then midimux. This gives me fairly good control via MIDI Designer Pro 2 for lots of widget communications.

Hi, I have midimux but cannot download studiomux as the website does not exist.
Any chance if copy of studiomux or a link where I can download it?.

Gonna give that a try tonight but would prefer wired connection.

The new Studiomux is beta as I know, but already very stable.

have you a download link paul ?

I try to find, but I am on Mac