Geist2 overlapping on rackspace change

When I have 2 rackspaces containing 1 Geist plugin each, and I hold a note during the rackspace change, both session plays at the same time overlapping one on the other. If i dont hold a note on my controller (that plays on midi ch 1 for my bass part) (and geist is 0n channel 8) then geist Geist on my 1st rackspace stops and the one on my 2e rackspace stops like it should do. is there a script that I can do to tell geist on my 1st rackspace to stop when I switch to my second rackspace. Thank you in advance everybody!

You are talking about patch persist?
Did you enable that?
Patch persist works this way:
You play a note and hold the key
Switch to the next rackspace
The sound can be heard until you release the key

When you disable patch persist and you switch to another rackspace an all notes off message is sent to the “old” rackspace.
This way the sound is stopped when you switch away.

Does that answer your question?

Patch persist is explained in the user guide:

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Thank you again pianopaul. You answer part of my question. It’s when I use patch persist that I actually have the problem. I have 2 rackspaces with a VPS Vengance on a certain patch controlled by my nektar panorama p6, and I have Geist 2 controlled by a Akai advance 49. On rackspace 1 I have a certain patch and rackspace 2 a different patch. Vengance make a very smooth transition but, Geist continue playing on rackspace 1(instead of alting) after transitioning to rackspace 2. And Geist starts like it should in rackspace 2 . so I have 2 instances of geist playing 2 different beat at the same time.

You could try this little script.
Just give the plugin Geist the Scripting Name Geist.

var Geist : PluginBlock

on activate
 SetPluginBypassed(Geist, false)

on deactivate
 SetPluginBypassed(Geist, true)

Yeaa… this should work cause when I press the Play button manually to stop Geist in the first rackspace everything works like it should… Ill try it right now … thanks Paul

Your amazing Paul. Your my new best friend :slight_smile: everything works like I want it to work. A big thank you for your help your the best… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask when you need more help :wink:

Just maybe one little detail… in the script is it possible instead of bypass I could make it activate and disactivate the play button in Geist. If not, or if it’s way more complicated never mind. but if it’s a simple script I would really like to try it. activate bypass works but it makes a pop in the sound… but I can definitly still use it though…

Does Geist have a play or stop button?
If it has you could map a widget to it and in scripting you could set the widget to the value 0.0 to stop or set 1.0 to start it.
That would be the better solution.

It as a play button (no stop button). But can a widget be actiavted when leaving the rackspace ? Because I would have to say the the widget to activate the play button for geist when I leave the rackspace right?

Try this script in your starting rackspace
Just include a button (my preferred color is green)
Map it to the play button in Geist
Give it the script name GPLAY

var GPLAY : Widget
    l_value : double
 l_value = 0

on deactivate
 SetWidgetValue(GPLAY, 0.0)
 l_value = 0.0

on activate
  SetWidgetValue(GPLAY, l_value)
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Thanks again Paul… Your the best man :slight_smile: :slight_smile: