GC Audio Spin Leslie speed issue


For those of you using the GC Audio’s Blue3 and/or Spin:
I want to have a Variation in a Rackspace where my Nord Electro 5D Rotary Stop button puts the Spin into a Stop/Fast speed mode ala Jimmy Smith. Due to my unsuccessful attempts at this, I reached out to Ray at GC Audio (wonderful guy,btw!) and he responded as such:

Stop is just a value range in the Speed parameter.
If you’re addressing the Speed parameter with MIDI values between 0 - 127:
0 - 41 = Slow
42 - 83 = Stop
84 - 127 = Fast

The Rotary Stop Mode button on my Electro 5 (I’m transmitting on MIDI Ch 6) is sending out Sound Control CC #10, either 127 & 0 when toggled, while the Rotary Fast Slow/Stop button when toggled sends General Purpose CC# 7 either 127 or 0. Also, if this actually can be accomplished, would a Variation of a Rackspace where I already have my Rotary Fast Slow/Stop button widget working to toggle between Fast & Stop work?


GG-Audio :slight_smile:

Where’s the problem? Just insert a Switch widget and learn it to the “Speed” parameter within Blue3 (I don’t use Spin). You now know that 0 - 41 is Slow, 84 - 127 is Fast and in between is Stop. So just adjust your “Min” and “Max” values for the widget to toggle between any of these modes.

Works out of the box :slight_smile: