From Composer/Arranger/Keyboardist Bob Luna

I think this is my first post though I have been using GigPerformer since close to the 1st version. I wasn’t aware of this community forum till recently.
Thinking of creating a video to explain how I use Gig Performer in a live context. my usage takes an old, well known feature in synths involving splits and layers to the extreme in some cases but works for me working with many renown artists and might open a new perspective for some users. The workload is primarily for the utilization of orchestral sample libraries but it can be applied to other keyboard sounds as well. Let me know if there would be interest.


Welcome to the Community!
Of course, please record a video :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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I would like to see how someone else does supper split/layers. I do the same to make the most of a 3 octave wireless Keytar for Pop, Rock, Blues and Country.

I’d be interested and specifically how you handle horn sounds.