Free up HD space by deleting x86 stuff?


everythings running 64 bit, is there a need for any x86 files at all?
can i delete everything in the 32bit Stienburg folder?


any other unnessary windows 10 crap that i can delete, i only use this for gig performer and internet access


nobody’s ever done this?


I started down that path, but stopped. There can be unintended side effects. For example, when I deleted all the 32-bit Native Instruments stuff that got loaded when I installed K9 Ultimate, Native Access now marks those instruments and effects as needing repair. Swell. Thanks por nada. And as much as I like AAS’ instruments (expecially Lounge Lizard and Chromaphone), they keep installing not only 32-bit files, but ProStools files, 32- and 64-bit. What a bunch of litter. Grrrr.