FR - Easy to read dial icon

Request: Please make UI icons editable or consistently flat.
The Metal knob look at a distance is difficult to read, and although a trim knob can be added, it’s not necessary if this main icon is changed to something with obvious markings.

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For my understanding, what value do you need to read better?
I see a Widget and the Master Trim Knob.
Do you need to see the values of the Master Trim Knob.

In my rackspaces I never use the Master Trim Knob to set a level.
I leave it a the initial value and use a Widget to control the Level going out from the rackspace to the Audio interface.
As I understand the Master Trim should only be used once to send the correct level to the Mixer and not use is to change the level from rackspace to rackspace.

But sure, you can use GP in different ways.


You can also put a text label underneath and attach it to the same parameter

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Also, through the new System Actions plugin in the soon-to-be-released GP4, you can associate a widget with the Master Trim and control it that way should you need to do so (we discourage the use of the Master Trim as a general volume control though - it’s really intended to just compensate for FoH volume)

@sadicus - the master trim knob is actually designed to be VERY noticeable if it’s not at 0dB. If it is at 0db it should be less noticeable. Here are images of what things look like if you move it away from 0dB position.

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 8.04.18 AM Over 0dB

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 8.04.27 AM Under 0dB

And if you happen to have pulled it down all to way to -infinity it actually blinks to grab your attention.

What else would you like to see improved here and how?


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Request is to Remove dials artistic quality of fake metallic specular highlight.
The Flat Style trim knob is just an example of what is easy to see. The numbers and functionality is great just the way is.

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