FR: Audio Crossfader ! ( VERY useful)

ok, new here, my second post, and allready a (simple) Feature request:

it took me not long to wish to have a Crossfader “module” (stereo)

let me please explain why a Crossfader is so important versus using a mixer and where this request is coming from:

i´m a modularsynth specialist. i have a nice setup ! (eurorack)
The setip changes allways and my way to patch also…so over the years.
Over the course of the last 3 Years was i more and more and more diving away from using mixers when i had to mix just 2 signals,
and more and more into using crossfaders.
Using 3-4-5 crossfader (function blocks) for just a single Voice became absolutely a standard in my patches ! sometimes its even more. again: just for one single monophonic voice.

i´ve made the last hours my first “patches” in gig performer and realised quite rapidly that i want to mix 2 signals quite often, but usually not more than two.
Very similar to how i patch with my modularsynth.
For example would i split a VST instrument out to two FX ´es and mix both audio pathes then again together.

i see, that i could setup a “one Knob/Fader control” for a 4Ch mixer using widgets,
but i find a crossfader more elegant, less worky to setup, and taking less space in the Rack for its controls.

just a note:
such a crossfader module ( stereo version) should have a “spread” knob for the L-R panorama.
one knob for both inputs would do.
The latter not something that one would want to map to a HW control, but nice to be able to “adjust” the stereo width as liked.

would be cool :wink:
Thanks for reading

What about this VST?

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The free MRatio from Melda is another option.


Case dependent and a bit elaborate…
but “simple” mixers ch., GigPerformer widgets groups (and one of them inverted) does the trick :wink:


You are absolutely right - for this use case it is working perfect.
The plugins are more sophisticated.


Yeah, MRatio is great.

I was trying to get a set-up where at ‘fully left’ one fader (dry signal) would be at 0dB and the other fader (wet) was fully off. Then, at centre position both should be at 0dB, then at right position dry fully off and wet at 0dB. Fiddled around for a while but couldn’t get it to quite work - MRatio basically has this preset as an option so was incredibly straightforward to implement.

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Thank you, … i was aware of this option :wink:
( see below, could be i stick for now with this solution in cases where control over Pan plays a role too)

yes, exactly my point:

yeah !

but i was not aware of the crossfader plugins !
so thats definitly a help for now !
i really prefer here to just use one “panel control” in the Rack

this looks useful, but seems mono ?
need to give it a further look.
…it seems to have a kind of a tilt EQ on board, that looks nifty.

i will give this a try, thanks.

though, To summarise:
my feature request posted here was quite thought out.
thus, my request still stands :wink:

ideally, we had a modul 1. in stereo ( as one option)
and 2. with independent “width/stereofield spread” parameter at each stereo input, respectively also pan ( for example as a switchable option, so it would be only just one parameter setting).
Thus is using a mixer right now from the “stereo field” aspect still the more musical option right now, i suspect.

personally i´m new to Gig performer,
but i´m blown away how cool it is, what possibilites it gives us.

using crossfaders plays a HUGE role in my daily or weekly patchings with my modularsystem!
its a big part of to make a complex puzzle fit !

Thanks everybody !

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More time with GP for you…

this just crossed my mind Drone player using GPScript
… and awesome script from @jbridguk.

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thats unforunately way over my mind.
new to GP, and totally not into any scripting or coding :wink:

The in Post #2 mentioned Bob Perry crossfader is unfortunately no longer available.
The whole page is gonne.

Far from pulling you into this world…I myself am a musician; but follow and support those who make art “coding”.
You can simply download the *.gig file, load some audio files and simply press play (8 times :wink: ohhh and have fun !!

ahh, i begin to understand :wink: Thank you.