Font Labels

On my wish list would be to not only change font size of front panel labels, but also the font. I find it hard to read the chosen font. Maybe it can be changed in the reg file, not sure. I don’t need a lot of choices, I just need to be able to read it at a glance (even though it is kind of cool and looks like a scribble on a studio console) Still a great piece of work though.

I agree with you: The tape label is cool but not really easy to read.
But why not use the text label? The font is as legible as can be.

Is that an option I missed?

I was thinking where they are already part of “say” the mixer

The labels on the mixer you only see when you open the mixer plugin.
You cannot show that mixer labels on the panels.

Yes PianoPaul, that is why I think it would be nice to have an option to use a different font (even if it’s the only option to change it in the reg file, if possible) I use the back the back panel a lot, and find cumbersome to have to try to duplicate a mixer with readable fonts on the front panel, every time I want to tweak settings on a new layout I am working on.