FLAC support requested

I, and possibly many others, like using FLAC for audio files. I request that GP adds FLAC support to its Audio File Player.

The most recent request I found for FLAC support was about 2 years old (from 2019; my request was posted in 2021) with no apparent response from GP. Please implement this feature or at least talk about it.

Hi @dconeill, welcome to the family!

As the Audio Player uncompresses the loaded audio files you would have no benefit from using FLAC regarding memory usage.

Maybe in the future there are some changes.

So when you uncompress the FLAC file for example to WAV you need the same amount of memory as you would when you would be able to load a FLAC file directly.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for the reply.

As with many questions, this one can be considered from several viewpoints. Your viewpoint seems to be that computer memory usage is paramount.

My viewpoint is that memory is cheap and not a severe restriction, but that my time and energy is limited. I have a large library of FLAC files, which format I use because of the comparatively high audio quality compared to MP3 while still enjoying some filesize reduction compared to WAV. Under your concept, I would have to convert each FLAC file to another format before using it with GP. This imposes large work requirements on me in a number of ways. As you might imagine, I don’t care for that choice - I’d rather just be able to use FLAC with GP.

In effect, GP implements a large disincentive to my using GP. Why would you want to discourage people from using your software?

As for your final statement, “Hope that helps.”, I’m afraid it does not. I hope you will will change your position, sooner rather than later.

To be clear, I am not a part of the developer team :wink:
I am a regular user - maybe the developers can say something about FLAC support.

Now I am curious:
Are you using GP only as AudioPlayer for your tracks and therefore you need FLAC-support?

Clearly, we’re not choosing to not implement features so that we can discourage people from using our software :slight_smile:

As it happens, FLAC support is already implemented for the next release.

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dhj wrote:

As it happens, FLAC support is already implemented for the next release.<

That’s good to hear. Thanks for the info and the quick response.

Pianopaul wrote:

Now I am curious:
Are you using GP only as AudioPlayer for your tracks and therefore you need FLAC-support?

Certainly not. GP does not seem to be particularly well-equipped as a librarian and playback engine for prerecorded music. I’m currently using JRiver Media Center for that.

One of the things for which I hope to use GP is to play backing tracks while I practice along.

Sure you can play backing tracks with GP, but you cannot compare it with Logic or Ableton Live.
Gig Performer is mainly designed to use VST effects and instruments and play that live in a super reliable way.

Also Guitarist and Bassists can use Gig Performer to build a virtual rack full of amp simulations.

There are also users which integrated Gig Performer in their live setup to provide realtime effects integrated in their live consoles.

And with OSC support you can control other external software running on the same machine or other machines which are accessible via a network.
Endless possibilities.
And a very powerful scripting engine allows things you would not believe :wink:

To use Gig Performer only for backing tracks is not even scratching the surface.

Feel free to ask when you need support to discover all the possibilies.