First outing on Gigperformer a success

I used Gigperformer for the first time today in a live situation and everything went smoothly.
I am really happy.

I was switching away from Mainstage because since I started using Omnisphere and Keyscape plugins these would not run smoothly in Mainstage without audio pops and clicks. Sometimes even just running one instance of MKS-20 on Keyscape with other plugins bypassed would still create audio pops. And this was on a not too old Macbook Pro (2015 i7 with 16GB ram).

I decided that I would download the trial version of GP and try the plugins to see if the claim of lower resource usage in GP really stood up in reality, and it was true! CPU was lower and no audio issues with 3 or 4 plugin instances running simultaneously.

Next step was to try to make a rackspace in GP which replaced my setup in Mainstage.

I found GP to be pretty intuitive for the most part and I like the user interface a lot.

The biggest challenge I had was to make a “drone player” which plays a drone in the key of choice and cross-fades between keys when changed. To do this I had to learn some GPScript - fortunately there is a lot of examples and support on the web.
This was a somewhat difficult job as the event driven nature of things was catching me out.
I had to try several different approaches but eventually got it to work (and I must confess being a programmer myself in my earlier days this was actually a lot of fun).
For example, when changing keys on the drone player, one lane needs to fade out while the other fades in and when turning off other widgets I had to use ‘tricks’ to make ‘silent’ callbacks by using globals so that interactions on one widget did not run the code when turning off other widgets.

Anyway, I bought the license for GP yesterday and my first time out in a live performance was today and went without a hitch - everything was rock solid, sounded great, and I think I made the right decision to move to GP!


Welcome along, “happy campers” :wink: