File handling: Gigs/ FX presets: GP3 vs. GP4, ...there is something to talk about it seems

Ok, so i just made this thread here about the Widget resizing

this might be for some folks a easy peasy thing. For me it seems, that its not.
Yet, i want to discuss here a very much related topic, but i want it to be its own Topic.

for me there is something unclear.
Much likely i just made some user error vs. managing the same Gigs, GP3 vs. GP4,
but this type of user error would cause in my case ALOTS of troubles respectivly workload.
And i could imagine i´m not alone.

Base is here: i will use GP3 beside GP4,…thats the whole thing.
just switching over to GP4 completly and never look back won´t cause any such troubles, to make this point clear.

so, how do i have to proceed versus GIG files, GP3 vs. GP4 ?
i´d figure this:

EACH Gig that i want to use in GP4 would i have to proceed like this:
i load the old Gig from GP3 into GP4,
—> then i immediately Save that Gig from within GP4 ----> but change the Name slightly to a new one !

Then i´m save that my old GP3 Gigs do not get that “widget resizing thing going”, quasin overtaking it from GP4, right ?

( i must have donne something wrong, and do not want to screw up again an old Gig, that i need to use again on GP3)

How do i deal with the fact that GP3 and GP4 uses a different directory for “oboard Plugin preset files”.

should i just copy my old preset files into the new directory ? Thats it ? (guess i´ve donne that)
and i could load plugin presets from the new directory also into GP3, just by surfing to that other file directory ?

no issues here, other than that new saved plugin presets, saved from GP4, will be available only from the new directory, but ARE loadable into GP3 Gigs ?

For my understanding GP plugin presets just store the state of the plugin itself.
So GP3 and GP4 should be compatible.

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Our assumption (which I think is not unreasonable) is that users with GP4 will switch to it completely.

absolutely reasonable, yes.

i just described my situation and usescase in the “widget resizing” thread.

personally, it would help me alots to get clear instructions from you vs. _:
How do i handle the Gigfiles, so that i can load them within GP3 AND GP4, without screwing a file up, by loading it in the other GP version ?

cause: what i allready did, has created quite some confusion on me.
i thought i was doing it right, but the rackspace got scrumbled again.

i have no chance other, than loading same Gigs, does not have to be the same file, within GP3 and GP4.

again: what i would do:
i load my old GP3 Gig within GP4,
then i would immediately make: “Save to new” ( inclouding a slighly changed Name (just adding a “4_” in front) ),

ahhh wait,…i guess i just got to understand my stumbling block, right now as we speak !
—> then i have to RELOAD that just new saved old Gig, into GP4 again,
…then i´m save !

Could it be this ?
I save to new !
…but i´m finally still on my old Gig, coming from GP3, without reloading that new created gig again ?

ok, need to check. I will create a TEST Gig, and work from there…

but i think it would be good for any users in a samish situation, to have very clear instructions on the table, how to proceed, when loading “same” Gig into GP3 AND GP4.

as mentiond in the other therad:
to transfer all my main Gigs to GP4 will take time,
so i´m in the situation where i have to load the “same” Gigs ( not: same files) into GP3 as well as GP4.

the point of this thread is:
to see clear, how to handle this “File thing”.
i would like to boil it down to clear instructions, how to proceed. (filehandling)

Thanks for caring / and again: sorry for the workload

Can you upload a G3 gig file, I could check?

how to proceed, when loading “same” Gig into GP3 AND GP4.

That is not recommended because of missing downward compatibility.

yeah, but the “same Gig” does not need to mean: “the same file”,

anyway, i need to setup a test-Gig, and will do my checks from there.
this way do i not have to risk an old work, and will see myself.

but i hate to do this tasks, since when i want to “play” music, or to “patch” with GP, do i like to get there from a “computer-off” “mode of operandi”.

i´ve posted my Gig files in the other thread on your request.
but i guess the GP3 file was allready corrupted ( scrumbled frontrack )

so you use a so called “homonym”?

Yes I meant a fresh g3 gig file not manipulated by G4

When you work with computers you sometime have to toad a swallow :wink:

i can do that later

i just had to look that term up :slight_smile: yes.
GP3: “filename-X_1”
GP4: “4_filename-X_1”

thats how i want to proceed.
but since i screwed my first GIg i´ve donne so, was i first coming here to check how to proceed, to be shure on what i´m doing, bevore doing same with more Gig-files :wink:

For me and many forum member a gig is the gig file.

We all do not remember what a gig is really :wink:


I simply copied the content of my GP3 folder into a GP4 folder and started to convert the content of the GP4 folder progressively. I didn’t renamed anything and I consider the GP3 folder to be an archive folder.
I don’t understand well your concern, but it is perhaps because I was not courageous enough to fully read your incredibly long posts. :woozy_face:

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i just discarded my long answer. you don´t want to read it…

edit: because i just sat with gP3, to finally resolve my rack, and i was in 100% rant mode again within 20 seconds…


Ui, Ok,
you have me now really ranting !

its even not doable to use GP3 and GP4 independently !
they are coupled.

if i load a Gig in GP3, then save + rename it, then quit GP3.
then load GP4, is it loading with that exactly same GIG that i just had in GP3.
( a gig that was never opened with GP4)

please change that !!
please let GP3 be its own apllication, and GP4 its own one.
That would be important

The settings files are shared….again the presumption is that once you start working with Gig Performer 4, GP3 stops being used.

You can start the GP3 as another named instance using one of you starting script and have it this way not sharing the same settings :wink:

you could turn off “reload last gig file” in both GP3 and GP4 to avoid that issue…

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You can also just hold down the shift key while GP4 is starting up to temporarily tweak that option (and a few other options)


I think there’s a two part fix to your challenge.

First, as David-san suggested, copy your entire folder of Gig files. Keep one folder as the GP3 files and consider that an archive. The other will be the new GP4 files and you can fix them as time permits.

If you’re on windows, you can set it up so that GP3 always opens with a separate set of “memories” about what gig file was loaded and other settings. If you have a GP3 shortcut on your desktop just edit it (right click->Properties) and add “-in=GP3” at the end of the “Target” command on the Shortcut tab. That will ensure GP3 won’t know anything you do in GP4.

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