Few things I´d like to see in future

Although I just started a few days ago, i´m already able to do pretty much everything I did with Forte in the past plus some nice advantages I will make use of from now on.
But still there are a few things that would make this brilliant peace of software even better.

  1. Activity LEDs or Meters per Plugin/Input in back view
    In complex rack spaces with various Splits, Layers and multiple Instruments it´s sometimes hard to remember/find the right midi-Input or Plugin instance to edit/tweak a certain Sound.
    Showing the activity while playing a certain note qould make it way quicker.

  2. Gain-Control as a standard for all seperate Instruments/Inputs in back view
    I know it can be done within the Plugins or with Widgets each, but a Standard Gain-Control (which could be combined with the activity meter (see first point) would speed up the workflow extremely by having the Chance to quickly adjust levels.
    From my point of view it could be done by a pop-up slider per Plugin/Input or by a dynamic list that could be shown or hidden by request or by Setting.

  3. "Stop"-Function on Audio File Player
    I´m used to stop a Playback by hitting one note or pad, being then able to start from beginning just hitting the “Play” note/pad again.
    With actual “Play/pause” and “go to beginning” you need an unneccesary additional step for this.

  4. Pitch and Timestrech abilities on Audio File Player
    Making the Audio files to follow BPM while keeping pitch or pitch them while keeping BPM would be absolute killer :wink:.

  5. Add an “exclude from Global Transpose” Checkbox on each Midi-Input
    There are some scenarios with having non tonal samples or backings in a Sampler which shouldn´t be transposed.

  6. Least important: But I´d love to see some design options or Skins.
    To be honest it took a while for GP to draw my attention because just taking a short look to it, it seemed a kind of oldschool or outdated to me. These classic Brown, green , blue Colors seemed to fit more to the Living room of my parents in the late 70ies, than to an actual live host :sweat_smile:
    Sorry I don´t want to be rude on that, but it was my honest Feeling at first sight.

  7. I´d also like to emphasize topics I´ve already seen here like: Undo, Autosave


A set of interesting proposals, I think.

When you press CMD-P (on Mac, on Windows there should be similar) you get a list of plugins and a checkbox to autmatically include a Gain Plugin.

only the inner values ​​count :wink:

With simple scripting you can achieve that very easy.

Include a Button give it the OSC/GPScript Name BUTTON
Include the Audioplayer and give it the OSC/GPScript Handle AFP

Use this script:

   AFP : PluginBlock
   BUTTON : Widget

on WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from BUTTON
 SetParameter(AFP, 0, newValue)

What would be the real use case to use global transpose (except rehearsals or creating and testing rackspaces)?

I only it were true :innocent:

Yes, that´s clear, but it is quite some work to to it each time for each Plugin. so it would be a quicker workflow to have that as a Standard, and ideally not as an separate additional cabeled item to Keep the screen more clean.

True, but as said, Maybe a more modern look could help to attract People more easily.

Thanks, I will try that later on. On a quick try I wasn´t able to see how this would help as it did just “Play/pause”. But Maybe I did something wrong. Will get back to you About that.

I think rehearsals are already a quite good use case as most of us rehearse more than we gig :wink:
But I use it also when I do Sub Jobs on other bands who Play in different keys.

Actually I use it all the time — there are a couple of songs we play, in various different bands, where the singer needed to be in a different key from the original. The songs were sufficiently difficult to learn/play that it was easier to simply use transpose rather than relearn the songs.

Remember, when you change the transpose in a song, that impacts the global transpose.

I became so attracted to GP than I did not realize that it fitted so well to my early 70’s apartment…

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Here it is again… my signal flow indicator feature wish pops up every few weeks. I’m totally with you :slight_smile:

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Sorry I don´t get your point here. When I follow your description the button has standard Play/pause functionality. What is it supposed to do?

Sorry, I missed some code, try this.
When you press the button, audioplayer starts
When you press the button again, audioplayer stops and sets the start position to 0:0


   AFP : PluginBlock

   BUTTON : Widget

on WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from BUTTON

 SetParameter(AFP, 0, newValue)
 if newValue == 0.0 then
  SetParameter(AFP, 4, 1.0)


Wow, great. Many thanks pianopaul.
That´s doing the job close to what would be perfect for me.

The only thing is, that I need to push the button for the script twice to get the desired bahavior.
Is there an easy way in scripting to make the button react like getting two clicks but triggered by a single click?

All is possible :wink:

What would you like exactly?

I once built a rackspace for the audioplayer that also has some transport buttons integrated… maybe you haven’t seen this yet and maybe that’s what you are looking for:

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A way to trigger the button with your script twice by only hitting one single midi note.

This looks very good, I will try later on. Many thanks

Wow, that´s great! Just tested it shortly and it includes exactly what I need.
Many thanks schamass

I´m really impressed by the great community here :+1:

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You’re welcome!
And you are absolutely right by saying that this community is great - i already got a lot of help from the folks here too. Honestly, i’ve never seen a more competent community and helpful support in other places or from other software products. :+1: :star_struck: