Feature Request Multi Plugin Selection


I have a simple request.
I use the NOIRE Piano from Native Instruments.

I’ve loaded the clean and the felt piano. On my S88 I use the fade controller (The LED Stripe) to fade between this both instruments.

Actually I use two Slider as Group. But the second is inverted. So if I am on the left side, the Pure Piano Volume is 100% and Felt is 0%. In middle I’ve 50%/50% and RIGHT is 0%/100%.
The second slider I put in background under a label :wink: But it is not so nice…

But the handling is really bad.

Maybe there is a better way to do that. I wish it would be possible to add multiple PLUGINs on the right side.

First I select one plugin (Actually I use a 4 Channel Mixer) and choose the volume of the Pure Piano.
After that I need to select one plugin again and choose the volume of the Felt Piano.
Maybe a small option pane with the possiblity to invert.

I hope, you understand what I need :wink:

Sinercly, Toni

Hi @Toni82, welcome to the family :wink:

What do you mean by that?
“But the handling is really bad.”

Why always on the negative side??.. I’m sure there are other ways to handle you’re use case…

@Toni82, thank you for this suggestion which participate to the live of the community. :+1:

While I agree that when grouping widgets we are often faced to situations where only one widget is necessary on a rack panel. But when you think about it, everything you need to achieve your goal is already there and it is clearly accessible in the current GUI. If we would add the possibility to map several plugin parameter to one single widget, sooner or later users will asker to be able to adjust independently every option of a widget on a per parameter basis. This is already what you request as you want to invert on of the values. You will find in this community forum users who want to invert and rescale values to enable/disable a wah effect when starting to move a midi volume pedal. So, it could become very confusing to change something in the widget properties tabs and to have to remember that it will only apply to a specific plugin parameter.

So, your option to hide the “useless” slider is finally not that bad. I had discussion for a time with other users, and few of us thought about having one of several “backstage” rackpanels used to build/organize the “stage” rackpanel. The idea was to request to the devs an option to hide specific rackspaces. But for the moment, you can use this idea to build clean panels and hide yourself the “hidden” rackspace which can be cleanly organized such that grouped widgets are together and have a comprehensice label. I think is is better for maintenance than having a slider hidden behind a label. Then if you don’t want to see hidden panels, simply add free panels after your usefull panel to push the hidden panel out of the visible area. :wink:


Oh yes, that idea is good. Maybe better than mine :wink:
It is not necassy to hide the panel. It was a little bit bad to have hidden elements under labels.

I will try that to improve my panels.

A second question. Is it possible to lock elements to prevent from moving or resizing?
Sometimes, when I click on an element it moves a little bit, so I need to adjust the positions again…


Sorry :wink: it is just a little bit frustrating. But David-san his answer is ok for me I think.


Try this:
CrossFader.gig (5.6 KB)

With a little script a crossfader can be implemented with just 1 widget,

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I use the technique of the freezing-the-mouse-before-clicking as a workaround for this kind of issue.
More seriously as the devs are always around, they will perhaps add this to their ever growing list of requests. :wink:

I will check that on evening, when I am home.


The widget layout facilities will improve in the upcoming versions of GP which will make widget layout process easier and more “stable”. Thanks.


Thank you all for the help.

I create a second panel aa Fade Panel between the both Pianos. It is ok for me to use it like this.

Thank you agian