Feature request for Midi In Block

Please add a feature (tick box) that is called ‘eliminate stuck notes’ or something like that. When activated, it should monitor all note on messages and in the event that bypass has been activated after a note on is received, it should prevent any new midi messages from being passed through, but only allow a midi note off to be passed through when it is received, at which time the Midi In Block is then fully bypassed. I guess it could be done with a script but a tick box would be handy.

Why cant you use the Midi Filter instead of bypassing the Midi In Plugin?
I never bypass a Midi In, I always use Note On Filtering to avoid hanging notes.

Hmm… as soon as you bypass a MIDI In block it will send an “all notes off” message on all channels to avoid stuck notes.

Is the plugin you are using ignoring the “all notes off” message?

I think he wants something like “patch persist”