External synth volume problem with song change


Hello GIG world,
I state that I really like the new features of version 3, and that I hope to use soon with the band.

Unfortunately, at the moment I have a problem with the volume of the external synth sounds (Korg TR 76) in the song change.
The effect is that, when the song is switched, the volume of the external synth is played at a very low volume.
This only happens if I use the Setlist / song mode.

I am attaching you gig for verification.problem_synt_ext.gig (25.8 KB)

Thanks in advance


Angelo, I don’t quite understand — if I look at that gig file, your first song (and rackspace) has the slider set at a high value and in the second song, the slider is set very low and since that slider is associated with CC7 being sent out, you’re sending out a volume change to turn the volume really low.

What am I missing?


@dhj I have this coming out: Setlist / song mode

and this : changing rackspaces


Now it seems to work properly, thank you very much for the fast support.
During the checks I found a further problem in setlist/song mode, do you prefer to open a new post?


Ok, we will look into this at high priority


I think the reported Issue #0000546 would address this.
Acts normally when switching Rackspaces, but wonky in Songlist mode.


Yes - and we’ll release this when we get over our jetlag from NAMM.


@Angelo @EnjoyRC

We are making a “soft release” today with fixes for these issues. I will send you a private message with the download links so please download and try the new build as soon as you can and report back here.


YES!!! Song MIDI Sync is working as anticipated!!
Even tested with saved variations to the song


Thanks for reporting back!