External device for sending program changes

I would like to use a midi device that allows me to make rackspace changes (at least 256 program changes).
Unfortunately from what I see the masterkeyboards hardly have the keypad and I wanted to look for something external that would allow me to do this.
Anyone have an idea what’s on the market?

Thanks in advance

You perhaps could use an iPad with an OSC app like Lemur or Touch OSC?

But to be honest, you’re probably better off with an iPad/Android tablet configured with a bunch of buttons each one of which sends a different PC change – the products @David-san mentioned would work just fine)

Alternatively something like this

or even something like SetList organizr

Tech 21 MIDI Mouse:

Thanks everyone for the reply.
What I’m looking for is just such an object

(at the moment it is out of production) plus the possibility of changing the bank.