Exponential Audio Excalibur on sale

This multi-effect plugin is on sale.

Seems very interesting :slight_smile: does anyone have experience with it?

I tried to get infos about midi learning but I have not find anything about it… If missing, it would be much less interesting.

Why? You should be using host automation, not midi learning

Yes, this is working fine with host automation.

Seems like a real bargain for $10 US.

@dhj I just meaned that there was no information about midi control on the website or in the manual, so the only solution I imagined was to use midi learn as said in GP help " Controlling Plugins From Your Midi Controller".
Anyway I was not able to try this: I created an account on izotope website, downloaded the plugin for a trial, but I could not use it because I did not receive the redemption code to activate in Ilok manager.

Thanks to @pianopaul, positive reply: it works!
I would have done better to wait for his response :upside_down_face:

Right but the way you do this is by having Gig Performer widgets learn your MIDI Controller knobs and then the Gig Performer widgets communicate with the plugin using host automation.

Yes, this is the way I work too, but in order to make the widget communicate with the plugin, you have to select which parameter must be controlled.
When, in the example shown below, the plugin shows a long list with at least 10 parameters all names “db”, the best and faster way - as said in GP help - is just to click midi learn and to move the chosen controller. Then the right “db” one is selected in the list.
Or I must have misunderstood you…


I’m completely confused — where exactly are you clicking “Midi learn” in the example you just gave?

Do you mean “Learn Parameter”? If so, that is not a Midi Learn mechanism — that’s actually a Host Automation learn.

@dhj Oh, I get it!
I’m more confused than even I thought, and really sorry to disturb you!
I called the automation learn a midi learn.
I have not yet unlearn bad habits about midi control.
As associating a widget with a physical device is done by midi learn, how does automation learn works if not through a midi process ?

With Host Automation plugins expose their parameters and you can map it to your widget.
This has nothing to do with MIDI.


Maybe we should think about diffrent terms for those “learn” procedures, since it often causes confusion in discussions, if it is about the “MIDI-learn” or the “Parameter-learn” function.
What if we would rename “Learn Parameter” to “Connect to parameter”, that way we wouldn’t have two “learn” functions that could be mistaken, but one “learn” (MIDI) and one “connect” (parameter).
I think this could make things easier to handle and also to understand (for beginners).

You are right, but in Gig Performer it is called “Learn” when the MIDI tab is activated and the other
is labelled “Learn Parameter” in the window labelled “Mapping”.
“who can read is clearly at an advantage” :wink:

Yes, but both functions are generally called “learn” allthough they do diffrent things and are on diffrent places - that’s why i thought, giving them diffrent names could make things easier when talking about it.

No, they are called “Learn” and “Learn Parameter”.
Maybe “Learn MIDI” would help.
But I have to say, in the manual this all is explained very well…

Ah come on, stop nitpicking please. You’ve surely seen yourself, how often we already had to discuss things because of missunderstandings when people mistook those two terms.

That’s why I said, Maybe “Learn MIDI” could help.

And that’s why i think we should get rid of one “learn” (be it MIDI or Parameter) and replace it with a diffrent term.

As asked before, if automation learn do not use midi, does it means it works through a sdk, or something like that, with a code involving a function to associate a parameter to a widget ?
I am not a developer at all, but I like to have a rough idea of how that works.

Are you using a DAW like Ableton Live or Logic?
Host Automation is a Interface a plugin provides to the Host - in this case Gig Performer.
This way the host can use this Interface to control the mapped parameter and when the Parameter changes its value the host is informed about that.
This way a widget can control a plugin parameter and a plugin parameter controls back the widget.
This is not possible with MIDI.
For example Syntronik from IK Multimedia does not provide Host Automation.
So the onlay way to control a parameter from Syntronik you have to send a Midi Message to the
selected Parameter from Syntronik.
This works, but only one way.
As soon as the Parameter in Syntronik is changed, you will not see it in the widget!

In short word: Use Host Automation whenever possible.
You do that with the button labelled “Learn Parameter” and then moving your desired parameter in your plugin (for example the fader to control cutoff etc.)