Expected Widget Behavior?


I have a ‘default’ rackspace template I use to create any of my other rackspaces that has a set of midi inputs, outputs, a mixer and 2 panels with widgets. I have assigned one particular widget ‘standard’ to the damper pedal on my Roland Fantom X7.

I don’t have this widget assigned to a specific plugin/parameter on many rackspaces, however what I did not expect is for the Fantom X7 damper to be ‘intercepted’ by the widget when there is no plugin/parameter assignment. What I found last night was I was trying to use the damper passed through to a channel on Sampletank 3. The only way I could get this to work was to remove the widget for the switch that was bound to this damper on the Fantom X7 from the panel in the rackspace for the specific song I was working on.

Is this expected behavior?

I would prefer to have had to disable the passthrough of the damper to have it ‘only’ work for the widget VS have to remove a widget so that it will pass through for the sustain to a VSTi.

thanks, X


As soon as you assign a midi message to a widget this midi message is captured by the widget and is not sent further.
This is expected behavior.
You could write some scripting to deal with the captured midi message.