Expand Transpose range to more than +/- 48

In my previous host, transpositions were not limited to the range currently implemented in GP 3.x. There are times where I found this desirable in order to achieve certain complex mappings.

This limitation has caused me a couple of headaches in the last week.

Issue 1)

I had a custom sample in Kontakt that was in a very low range that I wanted to trigger from a very high note that was more than 48 semitones away. My only option was to ‘move’ the sample to a higher note in my custom Kontakt instrument in order to complete this mapping succesfully

Issue 2)

I had a orchestra hit in a stock program on my Kronos that I wanted to trigger from a note more than 48 semitones away on my other controller keyboard. While this orchestra hit was the best match for the song I was working on, I ended up having to choose an alternative due to this limitation.



Understood - I’ve put this in our tracking system


Thanks! I really appreciate it.


Also It could be helpful to include an “octave transpose” along with normal transpose.


I like that idea as well (and my previous host had this feature as well) but I didn’t want to be greedy :grin:


Big +1 on octave transpose

+1 on octave field… but I’m sure it’s already in the system.