Enabling one widget disabling the others; how to?

Hi specialists!

Usually I creat per Song a Rackspace, to keep it “easy”.
But now… I would like to creat one Rackspace for quick changing my 4 different midi channels (1-4).
Below each of the 4 midi channels I load my preferred plugins in a row, for example midi in 1 for different piano plugins/ settings. The plugins are all connected to midi 1, outgoing to the gain.
Each of the plugins I connected with a widget for bypass on/ of.
The same for midi in 2 (strings), midi 3 (pads) and midi 4 (various sounds).
If I now have the first piano plugin switched on (widget knob lit green) and I click the widget for my second Piano the first Switch keeps green (which is clear).
As I understand I can do it this way, that if I enable the widget „2“ on, the widget „1“ automatically will switch off; correct?
If this is possible; the second question is, what do I have to do if I would like to use two pianos simultaneously- I click widget 2 and 1 should not get off…?

PS: my idea was not using scripting, not to enlarge the complexity… but if it helps…

Can you upload a small gig, so I could check?
I am not sure if I understand correctly what you are describing.

Hi @pianopaul ,

I just left the practice room… I can not make a screenshot or load it up, sorry.

To make the explanation easier;
first I would like to switch/ click one widget- switch „off“,
if I switch/ click another widget- switch „on“.
Let’s ignore the second request that I as well would like to have the chance to have both „on“.

Just to explain the idea behind: If I am with the band and (usually I…) looking for the fitting sounds, I would like to easily click through the different pianos (midi 1) then to the strings (midi 2) and so on.

It’s not a big thing, just would make it easier…

I understand now:
Sorry Radio Group Widgets are not yet available right out of the box.

Hi Paul,

I am pretty sure that I read the same request a couple month ago and it was possible to do with Skript, may I am wrong.

Let’s see, may I will make to find the thread.

Thanks for trying to help, as usual, best community beside of the best software for musicians… excited to get the GP4!