Empty Rackspace-List after crash

Hello friends, my Gig Performer 4 crashed while making some settings. After restarting GP the Rackspace-List is empty. Have I lost every thing or can I restore it somehow?


Johannes Arnstadt

Did you load your gig file after starting gig performer?

Yes, I did. GP is also configured to load last used Rackspace.

And the gig file does not Conan any rackspaces?

Thats right.

Ok, how big is the size on disk?

only 3 KB

And before the crash, you are sure it was OK?

Yes, everything was ok. I had 3 rackspaces opened and working in the list.

Please upload the gig?

Jos.gig (2.1 KB)

Here the affected gig-file.

You are sure you did not save as an empty gig with this name, accidentally?
in this gig there is nothing - except standard xml-tags.

If it would be corrupt you would not able to load that at all

It’s not possible to have zero rackspaces, so it must be a corrupt file (that ended up empty).

For me that does not look like corrup, but maybe it is not complete.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<GIGRACK activeRackSpace="-1" gbpm="120.0" gtimeNum="4" gtimeDen="4" version="4.099999904632568"
         globalStereoCount="2" globalPanelVisible="0">
  <GLOBALRACKSPACE name="GLOBAL RACKSPACE" uid="a3fac58848f246f898ab956753a59a0c"
                   bpm="120.0" timeNum="4" timeDen="4" resetTimeInfo="0" syncClock="0"
                   maxDeactivationTime="2.5" maxDeactivationTimeIn="0.0" scriptWindowPos=""
                   usePatchPersist="0" zoomLevel="1.0" viewX="0" viewY="0" activePreset="0">
    <PROCESSORSTATE_IN handle="" gpscript="0" osc="0" x="0.0" y="0.0">73.VMjLg.D....OPwTUGkjSSQUPTUDHig1WvziHw3BLh.Ra0QWYeMFZeASOh.iHfLFZeESOhDiKvHBHsUGck80Xn8UL8HBLh7hO..</PROCESSORSTATE_IN>
    <PROCESSORSTATE_OUT handle="" gpscript="0" osc="0" x="0.0" y="0.0">73.VMjLg.D....OPwTUGkjSSQUPTUDHig1WvziHw3BLh.Ra0QWYeMFZeASOh.iHfLFZeESOhDiKvHBHsUGck80Xn8UL8HBLh7hO..</PROCESSORSTATE_OUT>
    <PROCESSOR id="4" bypass="0" prop_str_nodeName="To Rackspaces" cmp="1">
      <PLUGIN name="To Rackspaces" format="Internal" category="Global" manufacturer="Deskew Technologies, LLC"
              version="1.0" file="1010970" uid="f6d1a" isInstrument="0" fileTime="0"
              infoUpdateTime="0" numInputs="4" numOutputs="0" isShell="0" isEnabled="1"
    <PROCESSOR id="5" bypass="0" prop_str_nodeName="From Rackspaces" cmp="1">
      <PLUGIN name="From Rackspaces" format="Internal" category="Global" manufacturer="Deskew Technologies, LLC"
              version="1.0" file="10104242" uid="9a2db2" isInstrument="0" fileTime="0"
              infoUpdateTime="0" numInputs="0" numOutputs="4" isShell="0" isEnabled="1"
      <RACKUNIT size="11" style="4" color="ff4682b4" ver="4.099999904632568"/>
    <PRESET name="Default"/>
  <SETLISTS activeSetlist="0"/>

knowingly I did not save to this file after the crash. until the crash it wasn’t empty. Maybe it saved itself after the crash. When the crash happend, a popup said that something unaspected happened an after confirming that by mouseclick, the App closed itself.

Save after crash?
How did you do that?
And do you know what crashed, a plugin?

I definitely can’t achieve this in the GUI, as it always keeps a single rackspace. Something obviously went wrong.

I did not save after Restarting the App after the Crash. I have no idea what caused the crash.

Did you get a crash report notification after you started Gig Performer.
Normally you should get a window and you are asked to upload that report.

Do you think you were saving when it crashed? GP doesn’t automatically save, and normally a crash will retain whatever the last saved version of your gig file was. But maybe if something went wrong DURING the save?