Email today about 3.6

I’ve had 3.6 installed for a while now, but recieved an email this morning about the release , is it any different “ check updates “ confirmed latest , just wondering ; I had a few crashes while changing the rackspaces in setlist / song mode

I think it is just a newsletter email about the new release 3.6.0 that you already have.

Did you report these? Do you know what caused them? Is this crash reproducible?

It’s never happened before , while
Choosing different rackspaces for a Song , in setlist mode, closes down Gp completely ,

Can you reproduce the crash?
Or can you describe what you did in detail?
Did you get a crash log (maybe a bad plugin caused the crash)?
Did you enable predictive load?
Do you use scripting?

I check later after work , mmm u may be on to something , I did enable osc

I’ve had a few random crashes in 3.6 when loading a gig file. Each time it happened, I chose the option to send the log file.

image I should of , but this morning is Ok, the conditions were unlocked rackspaces in setlist/ song mode , moving about different rackspaces newly made. Osc / script name I also did use for a widget, ticked on then off, so didn’t activate. I since then cleared the name

Also could anyone tell me if all these midi devices are necessary ?, I only use nord and novation

Please do me a favour and make screenshots on your computer and send that.
I have always to turn my head, to read the information.


OK, did you contact Support also?

@bpeterson which exact version of Gig Performer are you running?

It’s straight up on my side but uploads sideways


Bpeterson, il see if it reproduces , Gp is really stable in the basic way I use it

But a screenshot made on the computer itself is way more sharp than your photos made with a mobile device.

I did not contact support. When it happens, if I log out and log back into Windows the gig loads just fine. Seems like it has to do with running out of resources? My Windows 10 laptop has a 6th gen i7, 16Gb RAM, and a half a terabyte of SSD storage on the latest 1909 service pack.

@bpeterson which exact version of Gig Performer are you running?

version 3.6

@bpeterson - thanks - could you please respond to the private message I just sent you.

This devices are just reported to Gig Performer.
When you would take a look at the release notes you would see that you can uncheck not used devices.
This way this midi devices are not blocked by Gig Performer and other programs can use that devices.
But this is only necessary on Windows, on Mac unchecking Midi Devices is not necessary.

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