Elektron Analog Heat experience with GP3

Hello guys,

I am incorporating my first analog piece into GP3. Elektron Analog Heat seems like a great choice because it has Overbridge, so everything can be controlled by a plugin.

I tested it today for the first time, using USB as my IN and OUT. There is quite a bit of latency here. It sounds very nice but there is somewhere over 200ms in latency I think, guessing by how well I can gauge a Slap Echo time lol.

Has anyone tried outboard analog pieces with your interfaces via Send and Return? Do you guys notice any latency? I have only tried USB with the Analog Heat right now. Im currently using my HX Stomp as an interface, it has a send and return, but its weird, and not like normal interface I/O.

BTW, it sounds fantastic, the real analog warmth is much more 3-dimensional than plugin saturators I’ve used.


Errr…. just adjust Overbridge buffer size settings, latency now perfect. Ah, after about 2 months of not using an analog device, I must say, its something like being away from home for a long time and coming back.

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You use it to warm up things like synths, rhodes etc ?

I use it primarily on my guitar bus, it adds a noticeable edge that makes the sound feel closer to you, like the sound is easier to “reach out and touch”.

On synths it crispy things up, and you can get that wurli type buzzy fuzz with it.

There is however a fine-ish line between unnoticeable, to “hey this is too distorted” on some of the circuit types. The mid drive/saturation/and enhancement are the 3 most useable ones.

Haven’t tried 2 bus, may be a bit extreme to put a whole mix through it.

Though I must say I used it again today, and maybe getting about 76 ms latency, I’m not sure if it was there yesterday and didn’t notice, or it just popped up today…hmm.

I plan to use analog synths in this fashion, control everything via plugin. I have a Moog Minitaur and Sub Phatty, as well as SE02, Minilogue, Tetra, and Pulse2.

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