Edit mode left pane: show plugins/parameters

What if, in addition to the list of widgets in the panel edit mode left pane, that there was a way to choose a rackspace plugin from a drop-down, and then see its list of parameters.

So if you had a rack template, and wanted to quickly assign your plugin parameters to the widgets, you could just drag and drop them from the left pane on top of the widget.

Tell me, what is a rackspace plugin?

A plugin you have already added to your rackspace (versus the full list of plugins available in GP).

OK, so you hve a rackspace with plugins and on the left side you want to see a list with all used plugins in that rackspace?

Yes, so this below, but full height in the left pane, with the ability to drag and drop them on top of a widget.
Visible when in ‘Edit mode’. e.g. a toggle to either show the widgets or the plugins/parameters.

Aah, now I understand:
With drag&drop you want map it to a widget?
Only for GP plugins or for all plugins that are included in the rackspace?

Exactly. For any plugin you have in the rackspace.

Oops, so when you insert OMNISPHERE your will get over 400 entries in such a list !
With 2 instances => 800 …

And what is the benefit when you map widgets to parameters this way?

Omni what? :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, you’d have this issue now wouldn’t you? In a tiny window:

It’s just another way of working, and another use of the left pane, particularly if you are starting with a panel template with a collection of unassigned widgets.

This is a new interesting way, but is it really necessary ?
It makes things complicated as both lists have to be synchronized to show mapping informations.

I guess I was just envisioning it as a list for the drag/drop action, not one that would highlight the currently mapped parameter.

We will see, what the developers think of :wink:

With the lear functionality we can overcome the issue that @pianopaul is referring to when a plugin has hundreds of parameters. Many plugins have cryptic names for parameters so you can’t even figure out what those are.

We also provide a way to rapidly assign parameters from one plugin to may widgets in sequence by simply entering the learn parameter mode, then simply click on a widget, move a parameter in the plugin, click on another widget, move a parameter …

I’m not sure if adding this way of mapping parameters will improve things. It still forces you to select a plugin first, then scroll through a list and then drag/drop, but you can never be really sure if it’s the right parameter.

My 2 cents…