Easy way to copy parts of a rackspace to another


The options GP is giving us are crazy and there are allways ideas coming up how do things in my rackspaces.
But often I want to reuse things I created ( like an instrument + a plugin + connected midi input) in other rackspaces as well. So I would like to select like 5 items and copy them into 5 other rackspaces, keeping all the settings and connections (not to mention the connected control widgets).

Is there a way to do that? Sometimes this is way too time consuming in a rehearsal situation for instance.



Try this:
Export a rackspace
Import it as a new rackspace and remove what you do not need.


The problem is that I normally start with a copy of another rackspace as I allways have things inside that I allways need (Midi outs to hardware keyboards for instance). So I want to keep what I allready have. Maybe a sounds that I´m allready using for a song.

And then I have the idea to add another instrument (controlled by another keyboard) or an efffect chain, that I allready created in another rackspace.

So I want to keep like 50% and add 50% from another rackspace.


You will have to opt for the lesser evil :wink:


That´s how I work today.
The longer I use GP the more sophisticated my rackspaces get. But the more complex it get´s to make quik changes.

But I´m sure Version 3 will provide improvements regarding editing rackspaces and long setlists as well. :wink: