DS WASAPI ASIO Router Mixer a possible option for inter app routing?

I won’t have a chance to explore this for a while, but I saw a mention of this program. Might it be an alternative to the incredible 0 latency ASIO Link Pro that is sadly not in development any more (but still works for me on Win 10)? I scanned the description and I thought it might be worth trying or understanding better.


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It looks interesting and promising. I downloaded it and will give it a try. One thing to note is that you have to pay for a home license (23 EUR) if you use it past 25 days. A commercial use license is 120 EUR - you can also get the source code with the commercial license.

Register DS WASAPI ASIO Router Mixer (3delite.hu)

While reading a GP4 blog article which was about virtual midi ports and routing, the article provided a link to Nerds.de as the developer. It turns out the they also provide a virtual audio loopback driver with near zero latency and good support. It’s also 5 eur less than the software that you mentioned (for private use) and has a free evaluation period after which it runs for 60 minutes from use after reboots. Anyway, another source for those looking for virtual audio routing solutions with near zero latency, especially for Windows, and from a developer that is known and has a track record from other GP4 developer/forum articles.


You have also LoopMIDI: loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen

For audio also check out ASIO Link Pro and Voicemeeter.

(and VB-CABLE → Gig Performer | How to record Gig Performer's outputs via Gig Performer's Record feature on Windows )

I’ve mentioned it before, but not sure if in this forum, so I’ll mention again.

When I tested LoopBe vs. LoopMIDI for my personal use, I experienced noticeable latency with LoopMIDI that I did not notice with LoopBe. I bought a license for LoopBe30 and have been using it ever since.

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What kind of test did you do to measure/notice this delay?

I knew someone was going to ask. I bought LoopBe30 over 5 years ago, and I sometimes have trouble remembering why I walked into a room. :yum:

To the best of my memory, it was a simple test of routing my MIDI keyboard through each into Studio One and monitoring the output through an instrument VI.

There was a very slight delay between keypress and audio with LoopMIDI and none with LoopBe1, so I bought LoopBe30.

Best I can do. Sorry it wasn’t more scientific.

OK, but you mentioned this now, so this is perhaps something you could reevaluate.

I just did the following test which indicates that there is no measurable latency between LoopBe1 and LoopMidi:


Thanks for checking. Maybe I’ll just keep my mouth shut. :+1:

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