Drumazon and chain mode

Has anyone had luck using Drumazon in Gig Performer? I can’t figure out how to get chain mode working. When I press a key on my keyboard the pattern starts but then if I press another key it immediately moves to that pattern rather than waiting for the end of the current pattern.

Any and all help appreciated.


Would this problem be related to this setting?

“In Host mode, patterns are triggered using a MIDI keyboard. A Note on causes the corresponding pattern to play. This mode is recommended for creating drum line arrangement in host application. Releasing the key and sending a Note off will eventually stop the pattern. It depends on whether the Note Off Mode State is set in configurational panel is checked.
To change Note Off Mode open configurational window by clicking Options button.
Go to Sequencer tab and check or uncheck the Note Off Mode State checkbox in Current Settings group”

No, that just determines if a pattern plays continuously or stops immediately when you release the key. It looks like older versions of Drumazon had chain mode but it’s gone now. They say it may return. I’ll wait and see.