Downloaded GG, but can't start trial. Expired License. Never heard of GG till today

I’m on Windows 10. I just downloaded a number of VST plugins this week, and I’m trying to find the best solution for using them live. Someone on Facebook recommended Gig Performer. So I download, and install, and I hit “start trial” and it says License expired. I’ve looked up this issue, and I see some solutions are that people have used this in the past and are trying to re-instate free trial. But I’ve never heard of GG, much less plugins till this week.
Unless it came with some kind of freeware in the past?? Like an added package to Focusrite??

HinAetro, where did you download Gig Performer from and when?

From Gig performers website, about an hour/hour and a half ago.

And when you start trial period it says that the license has expired?

The very first time it said “start free trial”. I clicked that, and it said license expired, with the button changing to “exit”. So I have “activate” “buy license” or “exit” or enter email address and key.

That is really strange, never heard about that issue with the trial. Period.
What date does your computer show?


And you loaded the newest trial version?

Please submit a support ticket to us (Support : Deskew Technologies, LLC) and we’ll sort you out ASAP

Version 3.8.1?

Just noticed that you should send a support ticket.
I am sure you will get help for that licensing issue.

Immediately – waiting for the ticket to come in :slight_smile:

OK - trial should be working now - sorry for the inconvenience.