Does "Bypass" Plugin reduce Load and Ram usage?

Now that I know how to use a Midi In Plugin for Program Change I have to ask which would be better performing - A Multi with 10 Instruments available for Program Change - Or 10 separate 1 instrument Kontakt Plugins that are Widget ByPassed.

Simply - does “Bypass” Plugin reduce Load and Ram usage?

Bypass a plugin reduces CPU-Load of that plugin but not RAM-Usage


Or 10 separate rackspaces, each with a single Kontakt instance!

Really depends what you need to do, what else is going to be needed and so forth.

Kontakt does direct-from-disk playback so doesn’t eat up all RAM but if RAM is becoming an issue, then predictive loading can help with the tradeoff that jumping to a random rackspace may cause a slight delay.

I have multiple instances of Kontakt in one Rackspace and separating them by variations but still, I want to reduce my RAM load by not creating a new Rackspace is it possible to do it?

Are you running out of RAM?

I have MacBook Pro M1 with 16Gb RAM
And so far I created 5 rack spaces with bunch of variations it’s using almost 14Gb
I know I can creat one rack space for each sound but I thought it would be better to have all my sound in one rack space for each specific song but still couldn’t figure it out how to reduce the RAM usage for example the predictive load is available for rack spaces but not for the variations it would be great option to have

Predictive loading is about plugins……variations are just different sets of parameters for the plugins in the same rackspace, so there’s nothing to unload or reload.

Sounds like you must be using huge Kontakt libraries. So you probably should just use more rackspaces with predictive loading, manage them by using songs and parts.

You might also want to look into Kontakt’s purge feature to reduce the actual RAM that Kontakt is using.

i´m also on M1mac.
First i had only a 8GB RAM equiped model.

What i can tell you is, that the M1macs would outsource (swap) RAM to the SSD.
This data transfer works extremly fast on M1macs.
It does not seem to bottleneck the audio performance.

Since you are on GP and your data in the RAM would NOT be used all at the same time, i see there no need to worry about, in case you´re running out of RAM,
while the system would begin to swap then some data to the SSD.

From what i gathered from the interwebz should the amount of Data beeing swapped NOT exeed 50% of the real RAM size.
Edit: the reports indicate, that no problems with the audio stream is to be expected aslong you stay below that number. ( in your case, stay below a swap of 8GB / add some security and make it just a 6GB, for example)

Also to notes:
a 16GB-RAM M1Mac would shovel more data into the RAM than a 8GB-RAM M1mac would do.

I know, since i swapped my M1 from a 8GB-RAM Model to same M1Model with 16GB RAM, running the *exactly same" GP projects !
I had the macs side by side and loaded same projects.

That was usually around 3 GB of data more loaded into the RAM on my 16GB M1.
So, the system itself should have here also some “air” available, to reduce RAM load when necessary, i´d suspect.

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