Do you need an audio interface?

Hello there,
I’m wondering one thing…I think I noticed that without an audio interface, there is no latency with my Mac Book Pro.
Do we really need them for gigs when we are mac users ?
It would be one less thing to bring to the gig :slight_smile:

Hi Dextrose - when you say there is no latency, what is that comparing against? I assume you are just monitoring via the headphone out on the MacBook?

If you are using soft-synths in GP and are happy with how it runs without an interface then it would completely work if you wanted to go that way. However, there are some downsides to this:

  • Limited to 2 channel output (might be OK for what you need of course)
  • Quality is acceptable but not great compared to a decent interface
  • Interfaces are designed specifically to process audio efficiently and with high quality
  • From an interface you can - for want of a better word - interface with more equipment more easily; outputs are usually balanced for very quiet transmission and line level is accepted by most modern mixers now so now DI needed --> headphone out would need a DI box so thats still another bit of kit you need (although I would say you always need one anyway, but thats a different conversation!)

I’m sure the GP devs - or other forum members - can give some more technical details on why relying on the internal audio processing is not as good as an external interface (or on the other hand, maybe it’s ok?)

So yes, it would absolutely work and if it works for you then great, but there is a reason people buy decent interfaces for live use :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I guess… I need a sound interface then !!! That was a really detailed answer :))