Distortion and latency issues

Hi guys…
I have been using GP live for quite a while, same hardware and controllers, and have an issue with distortion and short latency that shows up when I change to any song in any gig and play the first note, chord, etc. The more polyphony, the worse it gets. I sub for a lot of folks so i have to be able to orchestrate on the fly. I just installed the New IK Hammond B3X and it has now gotten much worse. If I remove several instruments from the rack, the problem gets less noticeable but will still pop up intermittently. It’s possible that i have a set up issue that I am not aware of, but i have not been able to find the cause… rebuilt 2012 mac mini with a 1TB SSD and the max of 16 GB of RAM.
Possibly running out of ram or the CPU cycle rate is too high, but the meter never gets above 55% Possible I have the rack spaces set up incorrectly as well.
Any help or a quick peek at my rig would really be helpful. I’m sure there is and answer.

  1. This presumably has not always been happening so when did it start and what changed? Did you update something? Install something, etc?
  2. What audio interface are you using?
  3. What’s your sample rate?
  4. What’s your buffer size?

It’s impossible to even think about what might be happening without this basic information

Hi David.
Started when I installed Keycap, about the same time as the last upedate
Interface: Radial Engineering KL8
Sample Rate: 44100
Buffer Size: 512
Thanks for the reply

Started when I installed Keyscape, about the same time as the last update

Keyscape is extremely CPU and RAM hungry, it kinda wants to be the only game in town. But are you saying that you have started to have problems with GP after installing Keyscape even if you don’t use Keyscape or does this happen regardless of whether there’s a keyscape plugin instantiated.

By the way, you’re not throwing every single plugin into a single rackspace, are you?

I have a vastly overpowered machine for the task (windows machine) and I periodically get static on the first couple notes after loading a gig. I assume it’s windows catching up on some housekeeping after loading the gig, or possibly Gig Performer going live while Kontakt is still loading samples.

Keyscape can obviously be a hog, so the thing that jumps to mind is maybe Keyscape loading samples into ram as you change racks. B3X is a CPU hog on Windows, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that exacerbated the problem on Mac, too.

Maybe try a gig file without any sample based or IK VSTs as a process of elimination?

Hi David
Keep in mind I’m coming from the Muse Receptor world.
I have 12 rack spaces set up, and, yes, each on is loaded with 8 to 12 instruments
Example For Rack space 1
Acoustic Piano, Rhodes, MKS, String Section, Synth, Voices ( Omnisphere, Keyscape, NI. Gospel Workshop VIs) using one Studiologic keyboard controller as Midi 1…
TOP Horns, flutes , flugelhorn, string section, synth solo, bells, chimes, NKI Hammond ( omnisphere, NI NKI, etc) on second Studiologic keyboard controller as midi 2.
i couldn’t figure out any other way to set this up with a volume control and an on-off button for each part. Each song uses one of the 12 Rack spaces with the various instruments turned on and the volume pre-set. It would make more sense to have one rack space for each instrument but that would give me 30 or so rack spaces and I couldn’t see how to apply different instruments as panels in one back space I thought this was a set up issue since there are no other problems…
By the way… The set list addition in the update made my day, brother…

This happens on each backspace load. When i back out some of the instruments , the problem goes away or is dramatically reduced so I assumed that there wasn’t enough RAM in my Mac to handle what ever was being loaded and-or swapped. It doesn’t make any difference which VSI I pull out of the back space, as long as this magic mystery memory threshold is not met, the issue isn’t a problem any longer. My confusing point has always been the CPU % always stays relatively low. It’s obviously my concept of operation.

I REALLY hate spell check!! Rack space, not backspace

Well, one problem is you’ve got a lot of plugins that are themselves very CPU intensive and it’s my understanding that the new IK Organ is also very intensive. Are you really using all of those plugins at the same moment? Otherwise, you could bypass the ones you don’t need at a particular time and that should significantly reduce the CPU needs.

Problem Solved.
I changed the rack space format.
Moved each main keyboard to its own rack space and moved several support Kontakt or UVI Instruments around to be more rack space specific , instead of using them on each rack space as a generic safety net. This appears to have freed up enough of the CPU so the IK Hammond B3 X and the rest of the instruments associated with each rack space are now working properly.
Thanks for the help

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