Display Song Key in Setlist/Song View

You can set the key in the song properties window (i.e. C major). Is there a way to display the key on the setlist/song view page (besides using a ChordPro file)? I’d just like it to display in the header section along with the metronome, tempo and time signature. If you have a big setlist, it’s hard to keep track of which key a particular song is in. This would be handy for live performance situations.

If this is not an option, I will add it as a feature request.

I guess that could be useful although the confusing part would be that the key in the song does not have to match whatever you have in the ChordPro file.
Still - something to ponder so yes - please add it as a feature request - thanks.

Will do. Thank you for your reply.

What about if you just added a Text Label on the rack and put the key in it there? Granted, it’s not tied directly to the patch, but it would allow you to quickly see what key you are in. I do the same thing - I put “Key: Bb” consistently in the corner of the rack. Just a thought…

As a workaround, I use the ChordPro window to display key and starting note/chord information for each song. I size the window so it sits in the header section of the setlist view, but does not obstruct access to the master gain, kill button or song part buttons. Not perfect, but functional.

Until they make the Key parameter of a song available as a System Actions variable, I’ve made a workaround to display the song key on a Rackspace panel.
I don’t currently use song parts so I renamed the default songpart name as the key. I then make sure that the System Actions widget is on the wiring diagram. I then add a label and assign it to the System Actions plugin and select the SongpartName variable as the value. I make sure that the “Show Value in Caption” is turned on. I also do this so I can have a large label for the SongName variable as well.
In Panels view, these labels will say (Not setlist mode), but switching to a song on the Setlist view, I see the song name on the panel along with the key in large letters. This works great when sitting in with a band that might play a song in a key you’re not used to. Since there’s not always a lot of time to look up or remember what key a song is in, you’ll have it displayed large as life.

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