Disable FX Bypass when moving Expression?


this has probably been asked before but I did some searches and couldn’t find any threads about it.

A useful feature on some modelers is to enable effects automatically when moving an expression pedal.

Practically it would save me the need to have to switch a Wah pedal on before I can alter the frequency with the Expression pedal. Ideally, as soon as I start moving the Expression pedal. the Wah goes on, when I stop using it (maybe after a few 100ms delay) it goes on Bypass.

Any script or anything there that I could use or is there a workaround?

Many thanks

Yes, this is doable with a GPScript. But, there is a slightly different solution which doesn’t require any scripting. The idea is that if your pedal is at 0 the plugin is bypassed, if not it is active.
To do so, you can:

  • use a pedal widget together with a led button
  • assign the pedal to the wah parameter of the plugin
  • assign the led button to the bypass parameter of the plugin
  • assign both widgets to the same widget group
  • invert the led button value and modify its max range to 2.0.

This is done in the following gigfile (the associated plugin is a MIDI in block, only to illustrate the principle): wah_and_bypass.gig (6.1 KB)


Thanks man, this works! I didn’t see the “group” parameter before. I’m still new to GP3. Though my Experience with the Logic Environment helps.
This is great, agan: Thanks!

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